Monday, 19 December 2011

Pictures Of The Cycle Shelter For Howden Compressors

Take a look at pictures of the cycle shelter we built for Howden Compressors Glasgow. To find out more about our cyle shelters visit us at


Entrance Canopies

Sometimes entrance canopies can be installed mainly for aesthetic purposes, in order to create a good first impression for a business or property. Curved steel is sometimes used for this which acts to create a stylish product that is nevertheless cost-effective. The frames used to create entrance canopies are often custom made, and as such are able to be made to any size or configuration. The consequence is large canopies being created for some businesses. Visit us online to find out more about our entrance canopies


A canopy is a structure which has a metal or a fabric covering attached, generally they do not have a floor. Entrance canopies are designed to go over entryways of buildings to provide shelter from the elements, and for aesthetic value. They are able to block the sun, producing shade on hot days, or block rain and snow during bad weather. Visit us to find out more about our canopies including entrance canopies which are available to buy online

Waiting Shelters

In the middle of a rain or wind storm any type of simple waiting shelter will do. If a weary traveller just wants to get out of the rain or wind, any common waiting shelter will do. If however you would like your staff or customers to benefit from all of the above while sitting under a piece of art, then only a decorative waiting shelter will do. Visit us to find out more about our waiting shelters, if you are interested in a decorative waiting shelter contact us to discuss your needs.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Howden Compressors Glasgow - Cycle Shelter

As from 30th November 2011 Employees of Howden Compressors Glasgow. Have a new Cycle Shelter to store there cycles out of the weather. Helping a new scheme to get people using there cycles instead of the car. Racking for cycles to be held upright and lock to.We made sure the colour in keeping with company colours and put clear polycarbonate panels for high view into shelter. To find out more about our cycle shelters visit us at Pictures of the cycle shelter to follow in our next post.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Decorative Waiting Shelters

Decorative waiting shelters come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. They draw the attention of vacationers as well as passer bys. While still doing the job of protecting travellers from the wind, rain, and hail, they do so in such a way as to make the visitor feel like they are in a nice environment as they wait and take cover! Visit us to find out more about our fantastic range of waiting shelters!

Decorative Waiting Shelters

Decorative waiting shelters are the newest wave of waiting shelter design. These serve the same purpose as the other two categories of waiting shelters mentioned in our last posts however these are very pleasing to the eye! They are created by people that want their waiting shelter area to stand out from the crowd. To find out more about our waiting shelters visit us at