Saturday, 27 August 2011

Have a look at some of our latest wheeling ramps work with Birmingham City Council and British Waterways

Over the summer months all have been working closely with Birmingham City Council and British Waterways to help cycles and cyclist from the towpath on the cannel up the stairs and on to the main road at Northbrook Street Birmingham. Cyclist would have had to carry there cycles up and down the stairs but now have an easy wheeling ramp.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Welcome to Our Blog! Lets Get Talking About Shelters Including Smoking Shelters!

Hello and welcome to the All Shelters Blog! All Shelters have been working with many businesses, schools, colleges, hospitals and organizations.

Our main goal is to provide Protection from bad weather conditions. We offer a wide range of shelter design, manufacture and installation including Smoking SheltersHalf Smoking Shelters, Cycle Shelters and  Covered Walkways

Follow our blog as we discuss anything and everything to do with shelters!